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How to Throw a Spear (part 2)

The set up for this technique is fairly simple. Tie a rope as tightly as possible between two points. Ideally, the rope should have a downward slope to it to mimic the downward path of a spear heading toward a target. The thrower stands at the point along this path where the rope is at the level of where they would hold a spear before throwing it. In these videos, I was not able to set up in this way. The result is that I had to grip the pipe to close to my shoulder which made it hard to properly demonstrate this technique.

Throwing a long, straight spear is very different from the type of throwing most people have previously experienced. Many new spear throwers have a hard time getting the spear to stick straight into the target. This tends to be the result of a follow through where the arm crosses in front of the body, much like the follow through used when throwing a baseball. I have seen people try this technique and, within just a few minutes, have corrected this problem.

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