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It Is a Bullseye or It Is a Miss

The most common throwing competition I participate in uses a target with concentric rings which score 3 points for a bullseye, 2 for the middle ring, and 1 for the outer ring. A round consists of 20 throws each with axe, knife, and spear with a perfect score being 180 points. This may sound silly, but I found a way to help myself

develop mental focus and increase my scores. I consider every throw that doesn’t hit the bullseye as a miss. A great score is 160 points with at least 40 of 60 throws being bullseyes. I could think, “Wow, 40 of 60 throws were perfect,” and be satisfied. Or, I could think, “Wow, I missed my goal 20 times, a full one third of the time. What a terrible round!” This latter attitude has driven my to be better and has helped me to excel by changing my mindset as to what success is.

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